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Once again I got to the point where the only thing that restores a modicum of mobility to my neck is painkillers. It's a bit ridiculous really, how something as simple as tension can mess with the entire body. Anxiety is such a bitch. I'm told that years worth of constant fight-or-flight mode conditions one's muscles to forget how to relax completely, even with conscious effort. True enough, and might explain why I can't remember the last time I woke up rested. o.O;

Not even sure what I'm so high-strung about at the moment. Not one thing I can pinpoint I suppose, but rather a series of things spanning months that have been making it worse. I really don't have much to complain about, life-wise, or shouldn't have if I look at it objectively. There are things I'm not entirely happy about, but there always are some of those and you either learn to accept them or you change them. I might still be on the fence regarding which is the better choice.

Two more work days until vacation. I keep reminding myself to be excited and not freak out about something possibly going wrong, what with the fact I'm organizing this for six people and thus feel entirely too much responsibility for them. :P The weather conditions aren't perfect for snowboarding, unfortunately, it's been too warm for that lately. Weird winter all together, quite uncharacteristic for Poland. Here's to hoping we'll get a chance to get some board fun at least for a few days.

Whew. Back to work, for now...

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