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Hello, world. :)

Also, wow. Crossposting to another journal. WIN.

Thanks Ria. ♥

ETA: I just read DW's diversity statement, and I must say - aside from the emotional language in which it was written that certainly contributed to my own reaction to it - I really like what it says. I really like the attitude. I was mostly unfazed by LiveJournal's various shortcomings, because I just didn't think jumping on the bandwagon would have done any good, but it stands a fact I don't appreciate the changes it has undergone over the years. I got my LJ account back in 2003, when it was very different. You still needed invite codes, like you do here. It offered fewer options then, but somehow, more freedom.

I wanted to check out DW because I am many things mentioned in their statement, and some other things not mentioned, and most of my friends fall under serveral of the loosely drawn categories as well. I choose not to make most of my quirks public for various reasons, but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate a place which welcomes me with all that I am - at least in theory - all the more.

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