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1. It's still true that if I find the right song, I can write almost any fic (given enough time, that is).

2. It's still true that every time I try to write a light, funny fic, I end up with the opposite. One day I'll learn. Past experience says it might not be in this lifetime, however.

3. I need a beta reader for Saiyuki. Not having one results from having always been a lurker before who was too much an antisocial chicken to get to know people. :( Talking meta or fic ideas has always helped me write better stuff, and not being able to do that right now is a real downer.

4. The neverending quest for the right word/phrase is still as satisfying as it is frustrating. Went over to the old journal to read through some of my old fics, and it does show two things: one, when I wrote more I was better at it (duh) and two, I wish I were a native speaker of English, or at least could write like one. >.< I might have stopped writing for some time but I never stopped reading, so my vocabulary range hasn't shrunk all that much. But. I've been told it's hard to tell that English is my second language, but I can tell. I never thought I'd be insecure about that of all things. It's probably because I've been reading so much excellent fic lately, and it makes me realize how far behind I am language-wise. Highly motivating, but freaking scary too.

5. Me being me, I completely forgot I'm going snowboarding on Feb 7th, which means almost a week less to turn in the VTS assignment. One will get done for sure--almost done in fact--but I wanted to do two. Might still happen, if work doesn't get any crazier than it already is.

On a non-fandom or writing related note, winter is here. It's freezing. Now just need more snow (at least in the mountains, please!) for the perfect snowboarding conditions. ♥

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