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Title: This Time
Author: Rhea [personal profile] enchanter
Rating: R
Pairing(s): Gojyo/Hakkai, Kenren/Tenpou
Summary: Gojyo remembers, even if he doesn't realize it. (Burial arc, reincarnation fic, prompt: intertwined)
Wordcount: 3,300, one-shot, complete
Warnings: none
Notes: Written for [personal profile] absolute_negation for this year's [community profile] valentine_smut gift!fic exchange. Big thanks to Johanna for beta and encouragement. Saiyuki belongs to Kazuya Minekura, and I'm just playing. :)

On AO3: It was weird business, saving someone's life. Weird enough to seriously mess with a guy's already messed up head.
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Aaaaaaaand I'm back. Not without problems this time, actually - the car broke down 60 kilometers from home. :P We took it as a sign that the vacation should have been at least a week longer. ;)

I woke up on Friday morning to over 20 Saiyuki fics over at [community profile] valentine_smut. I had to read my gifts on the iphone, not having taken the laptop with me; I have since read most of the fics twice but have yet to comment properly. I got four gifts this year (three as of yet anonymous and one from [personal profile] chomiji who is made of awesome. ♥ There were so many Goujun/Tenpou fics! Surprised and very pleased. :D

Miraculously, we got to snowboard every day for a week despite the weather being less than awesome for the first half of it. I missed the mountains like crazy and now can't wait for the summer when we're going back there for some serious climbing. My two snowboard virgins didn't manage to kill themselves on the slopes; they actually managed to learn well enough to keep up with us. Made me very proud. :D ♥

Had some of the best food in a long time while there, too, and tonight is sushi night. :D If only I didn't have to go back to work tomorrow morning, life would be quite perfect. :P

Happy belated Valentine's and hugs to everyone. ♥
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...but I'm not. :P

My Valentine Smut submission is done and in beta, and of course now that I finished it I'm second guessing like woah. I'm planning to try to do another one before I submit and see which one turns out better. At least now that it's done I don't feel the pressure of the deadline so much anymore, so I can have fun with something else and see what happens.

Most likely I'll still be out of town on posting day, so I'm keeping fingers crossed for a working mobile connection so I can check out the fics on the way back. Can't wait. *_* A whole batch of brand new Saiyuki fic, again, so soon after Yuletide is always something to look forward to. :D

I'm anticipating two very intense weeks before my vacation, with lots of work during office hours and probably even more in the evenings. Little sleep and lots of stress ahead. Fortunately the semester ended on saturday, there aren't any more classes until early March, and I managed to get grading done and over with so at least the students are out of my hair. :P The next semester is looking to be more interesting than this one, seeing as the class I'll be teaching is actually closer to what I do for a living (web design) than what I've been teaching in this one (app design). It's fun, but if I'd known how stressful and time consuming it would turn out to be, I'd have thought twice before signing up for it. :P

Have a good week, everyone. ♥
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Title: Down That Road
Author: Rhea [personal profile] enchanter
Warnings: None
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: 3,500, one-shot, complete
Pairing: Kenren/Tenpou
Summary: This thing between them is a mutual agreement. The kind that knows what it is, that knows what it means without needing to be explained; the kind that tries not to make anything harder than it needs to be. A snapshot of Kenren and Tenpou's rather unauthorized foray into the human world for post-battle wind-down.

Notes: A little fic to start off 2014 on a Saiyuki note. Happy New Year, everyone!

Saiyuki in all of its incarnations belongs to Kazuya Minekura the genius, and I'm just playing with her creations, hoping I won't get shot. Thank you for reading!

Link: The guards stepped aside to make way for them, scurrying like frightened rats, and maybe it was justified because Tenpou breezed past them through the Dimension Gate like a hunting shark cheated out of dinner.
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Title: Dreams You Can't Recall
Author: Rhea [personal profile] enchanter
Warnings: Not worksafe - smut, serious injuries, offscreen death
Rating: R
Wordcount: 10,500, one-shot, complete
Pairing: Tenpou/Kenren
Summary: Kenren's knack for attracting all kinds of attention is both an excellent smoke screen and a source of Tenpou's amusement--until the day it inadvertently backfires on him and the entire unit.

Notes: Smut. Blood. Hints of plot. The art of letting go. Sort of in that order. Set before Nataku's appointment as the Toushin Taishi. Pre-read by Shan. Saiyuki belongs to Kazuya Minekura, and I'm just playing with the people she created. ;)

Link: Sometimes, Tenpou thinks he has some notion of what's coming.

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Title: Calculated Risk
Author: Rhea
Warnings: Worksafe
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: 3100, one-shot, complete
Pairing: Gojyo/Hakkai
Summary: [Pre-journey] The armageddon in Shangri-La starts with a bang: Hakkai makes a mess and Gojyo loses at cards. The Minus Wave is coming, and why does it smell like dead youkai here?

Notes: Rated for creepy!Hakkai, general theme and possibly disturbing imagery. Slight liberties with timeline/seasons.

Three lousy hands in a row. He should have folded the last one.

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I wonder if anyone would still be up for that, but... I need a pair of eyes on a Saiyuki fic. Gojyo/Hakkai, 3,000 words, no smut I'm afraid (not in this one!) but kinda sorta established relationship, pre-journey. Anyone? Old fandom, I know. Couldn't help it; it's pretty much all I have in my head at the moment. :P :)
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The Things Between July 11-12th, 2007
YnM // Light R // Watari/Tatsumi // romance/character study // 2,300 words // complete

Music: Neverending White Lights :: Littlepiece

Written for [livejournal.com profile] aluragayle to whom I have promised a Tatari fic, and for [livejournal.com profile] jtriskell for helping me restore some faith in my writer!self. ♥

Set friendship on fire and it will erupt, pull its victims into a whirlwind of change. )
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Errrm, so no, I didn't really just write a Yami ficlet. Nope. This is an illusion - move along, move along.

...okay, I did. Disclaimer: I haven't written Yami since December 2005, I haven't written fic since August 2006, I haven't written much of anything since February. >.> Therefore, you'll have to forgive me this. :P Got a once-over, unbetaed, written for Amanda. Because she asked, because I love her, and because it was easier than Good Omens, which I would have butchered. ♥ And no, it's not a Tatari. Gasp.

Hands [June 14th, 2007]
Touda, Tsuzuki // introspective/character study // 610 words // complete

Touda dreams in shades of gray: murky and thick like the air in his old prison. )
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Ripple Effect [April 19-24th, 2006]
NC-17 // complete // Kio/Soubi // romance/drama // 4,813 words
Warning: Adult

Note: Dubbed 'that smut fic in which the smut is not the point', this story is a response to [livejournal.com profile] wicked_pistil's request for Kio/Soubi and matches her prompts: silence, redemption, brilliant. In between the lines, anyway. Edited by [livejournal.com profile] aluragayle and [livejournal.com profile] chaineddove, for which I thank them very much; all remaining faults are mine. I hope you'll enjoy. Comments are ♥

How can you draw when it's so quiet? )

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