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Title: Down That Road
Author: Rhea [personal profile] enchanter
Warnings: None
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: 3,500, one-shot, complete
Pairing: Kenren/Tenpou
Summary: This thing between them is a mutual agreement. The kind that knows what it is, that knows what it means without needing to be explained; the kind that tries not to make anything harder than it needs to be. A snapshot of Kenren and Tenpou's rather unauthorized foray into the human world for post-battle wind-down.

Notes: A little fic to start off 2014 on a Saiyuki note. Happy New Year, everyone!

Saiyuki in all of its incarnations belongs to Kazuya Minekura the genius, and I'm just playing with her creations, hoping I won't get shot. Thank you for reading!

Link: The guards stepped aside to make way for them, scurrying like frightened rats, and maybe it was justified because Tenpou breezed past them through the Dimension Gate like a hunting shark cheated out of dinner.
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Title: Dreams You Can't Recall
Author: Rhea [personal profile] enchanter
Warnings: Not worksafe - smut, serious injuries, offscreen death
Rating: R
Wordcount: 10,500, one-shot, complete
Pairing: Tenpou/Kenren
Summary: Kenren's knack for attracting all kinds of attention is both an excellent smoke screen and a source of Tenpou's amusement--until the day it inadvertently backfires on him and the entire unit.

Notes: Smut. Blood. Hints of plot. The art of letting go. Sort of in that order. Set before Nataku's appointment as the Toushin Taishi. Pre-read by Shan. Saiyuki belongs to Kazuya Minekura, and I'm just playing with the people she created. ;)

Link: Sometimes, Tenpou thinks he has some notion of what's coming.

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