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Aaaaaaaand I'm back. Not without problems this time, actually - the car broke down 60 kilometers from home. :P We took it as a sign that the vacation should have been at least a week longer. ;)

I woke up on Friday morning to over 20 Saiyuki fics over at [community profile] valentine_smut. I had to read my gifts on the iphone, not having taken the laptop with me; I have since read most of the fics twice but have yet to comment properly. I got four gifts this year (three as of yet anonymous and one from [personal profile] chomiji who is made of awesome. ♥ There were so many Goujun/Tenpou fics! Surprised and very pleased. :D

Miraculously, we got to snowboard every day for a week despite the weather being less than awesome for the first half of it. I missed the mountains like crazy and now can't wait for the summer when we're going back there for some serious climbing. My two snowboard virgins didn't manage to kill themselves on the slopes; they actually managed to learn well enough to keep up with us. Made me very proud. :D ♥

Had some of the best food in a long time while there, too, and tonight is sushi night. :D If only I didn't have to go back to work tomorrow morning, life would be quite perfect. :P

Happy belated Valentine's and hugs to everyone. ♥

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